Our staff

Myla Meskowsky

Myla has over 20 years experience in haircutting, designing, and coloring expertise. Before relocating to Wilmington NC in 2008 she began her beauty career on Long Island, New York. Myla earned her Vidal Sassoon certification in London England. Additionally, she is certified in both Goldwell and Wella as a color specialist, and also Short-to-Long extensions. Myla attends conferences, training and multiple industry shows to keep current in trends and techniques.


Karla Wysocki

Even though Karla is new to Wilmington she is loving calling it her new home. She is very excited about building her clientele and exploring the area! She knew her passion was hair at a very young age, as her Aunt and Uncle owned a Salon and did hair. She loves listening to clients, figuring out exactly what they love and hate about their hair, and deciding the best way of getting them where they want to be with their hair. She has been in the hair business for about 9 years now and is very excited about her future here in Wilmington!


Michael Pence

Michael Pence has over 35 years of experience cutting and coloring hair! He has studied in New York, Atlanta, and has also done quite a bit of studying abroad to further his education. In his prime, Michael owned a salon in the Raleigh area where he worked with many celebrities such as Ozzy Osbourne, Jack Lemmon, and Robby Benson. He even made a wig for Linda Lavin. 


Alice "Cookie" Cooke

Alice "Cookie" Has always known that she had the passion to be a hair dresser since she was a child! She loves working with all hair types. She has extensive knowledge of naturally curly and textured hair. She loves working with people and making them feel beautiful. She is a mom, wife and is a lover of music, art and all things HAIR!


Allyce Wiggins

Allyce is a junior stylist and she has always known that she wanted to be a stylist. She is passionate about learning and loves receiving training from Myla. She is excited to continue her education and learn everything without limitations. Allyce plans on being the best in the field and she loves making other's feel beautiful!


Sue Soto

Suehaylee has always been passionate about skin care. She enjoys specializing in different areas that she loves such as waxing, lashes and more! Her favorite thing about being an esthetician is skin care. she loves being able to provide professional skin care and give everyone a healthy glow. She loves to be in a salon, in an environment that allows her to be creative.


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